Questions to ask when buying agricultural machinery

agricultural machineryagricultural machinery
agricultural machineryagricultural machinery

Questions to ask when buying agricultural machinery

Buying machinery for your wine farm can feel overwhelming. There are numerous options to choose from but deciding on the best piece of machinery for your needs can be confusing. However, if you ask the questions outlined below, you will be able to find the perfect machinery for your needs.

What are my needs?

Before heading out to one of the many agricultural machinery dealers South Africa to see what they have to offer, you should address your needs first. Your choice of farming equipment will be made according to what it is needed for, such as working the land.

You should also consider the size of the storage buildings that will be housing your equipment, as well as the size of the land you will be working on. The equipment you choose should meet these needs as best as possible, as well as also meet your personal preferences. You should also look at what tasks need to be performed around your farm and what tools you will need to perform these.

How much power do I need?

Once you have decided on what your needs are, you can consider how much power you need to perform the various tasks around your wine farm. Buying a machine with too little power will make your tasks difficult and time consuming, but too much power may be a waste of money due to the costs associated with running and repairing the machine.

The best way to choose the power of a machine is to look at one that is as small as you can possibly get by on, as the smaller the rating the less storage you will need and the less fuel needed. The emissions will also be lower. However, be sure that you are choosing the best machine to suit your needs and are not compromising on other important aspects.

What is my choice of equipment?

After looking at your power requirements, it is time to examine your choice of farming equipment in order to make the best decision. The various pieces of farming machinery are outlined below.

  • Tractor: This is arguably one of the most important and most used tools of any farmer farming land. You can use this machine to push and pull other equipment and for driving around your land to tend to problems that may arise.


  • Harvesting equipment: For any farmer who deals in crops, including wine farmers, having harvesting equipment makes the harvest season more efficient. It is important to find equipment that meets the individual needs of your specific crop.


  • Tractor implements: Tractors on their own are versatile pieces of machinery, but some modern ones come with extra implements which can make farming life easier. These implements or attachments can include mowers, loaders, tillers, seeders, sprayers, hay balers, manure spreaders and more.

Answering this question is vital as it will guide you along the path toward a final decision on your agricultural machinery choices.

What brand is most reliable?

The reliability of your equipment is important to the smooth functioning of your farm. It is important to look around for the most reliable brands of equipment, as these will most likely have more longevity and durability.

You can determine the reliability of a brand by performing an inspection before buying. An expensive brand may cost you more upfront, but due to the high-quality materials used to manufacture it and the reliable parts, you will end up spending much less on repairs and maintenance. Look online for product reviews and be sure to ask your dealer which brand they recommend.

Who will be using the machinery?

This is an important question for anyone who has a working farm with employees. You will need to consider whether or not your employees are correctly trained or certified to use the equipment you are looking at buying. Their safety should be your first concern.

If you know that you are the only one who will be using your machinery, then your safety concerns might be lower but still important. Your staff will need to be trained in how to correctly operate the machinery and maintain or repair it should the need arise. The answer to this question will help you decide on the complexity of the equipment you choose.


There is no escaping the fact that farming equipment is not cheap and comes with its own set of extra costs. Before making a decision, you should find out the final total costs for purchasing the equipment, such as services, part replacements, additional attachments, insurance and any other hidden costs. If you are certain about what your equipment will be used for, how much power you need, what equipment you need and who will be using it you will be well on your way to buying that new tractor or harvester.

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