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Why Advertise Integrated Marketing


We have 350 online directories across the World. South Africa, its Provinces, Regions and Cities are our main focus, whilst the rest of the World have a few key sites.

When you list with us, your business is advertised on the directory website where your business is based (as the main site), as well as South Africa Info, the Province and town where based, the region (if applicable) and a niche market directory website (as applicable), e.g. Activities South Africa www.activities-south-africa.co.za.


Why Advertise


Examples of all our sites are listed under the Travel Info (Travel Links) section of the directories.



Why Advertise


Our directory websites do excellently on internet searches.  Viewers using our directories would invariably be exposed to all the listings on the platform, therefore increasing your chances of being found on these searches.

The hit rate on our sites are high, but its actually the number of Visits and Unique Visitors that are important.  We value our accurate statistics and are always keen to share them!

Not only can we provide you with our website traffic and stats, we can also provide clients with statistics which show the number of clicks FROM our directories TO your own website, as exampled below.


Why Advertise


Just two examples below for information:



Why Advertise


Why Advertise

Why Advertise


Our directories are on the first page of Google for most keywords, which in turn benefits our clients as the opportunity to get noticed online is vastly increased.

There are top brands in the industry and we are by no means in competition to them e.g. Booking.com.  However, each of our directories are filled with useful information and articles, which have also been Search Engine Optimized to deliver the best in keyword searches applicable to each site.


Why Advertise

You are in good hands!  We are one of the top marketing agencies located in George – and we very proud of that fact.


Why Advertise

Why Advertise


Viewers click on our directories because they want information on something specific.  In doing that they are a captive audience who are searching for businesses, accommodation, activities etc., in a specific town, or region.

Directories are useful for people who know what they want however they don’t know where to get it from.  There are so many search options out there that we cannot possibly list them all – here we have provided some examples of how we do on general searches.


Why Advertise

Why Advertise

Why Advertise


Our websites are fully compatible on all devices - from desktops and laptops to cell phones and tablets.


Why Advertise

Why Advertise


We would link your listing to all social media platforms as you have them.  It is a direct link from your listing to the different platforms.

We also have a range of Facebook pages on which we welcome and promote all our clients when they list with us.


Why Advertise


Examples of listings reflecting their social media links:

Eden Developments​ and Integrated Marketing


Why Advertise


All listings are fully Search Engine Optimized.  The text is correctly formatted to adhere to Google’s algorithms of what is important text e.g. keywords.  All photos uploaded for your listing are correctly SEO’ed according to your business name, location and type e.g. accommodation.

The essential aim of all search engines is to satisfy its users - they want to provide the best results when users search for something.

We refer to ‘keywords’ in SEO but actually it is more like “search enquiries” … it is a combination of words to gain the best result.


Why Advertise


Our pricing really is unmatched in the industry.  What we offer is so unique in that you are not only listing on one directory website but will be added to an additional minimum of 5 other websites.  All adding to your online exposure. 

The joining fee is a once-off payment, no monthly fees or additional commissions.  Its an annual payment renewable after 12 months.

The current cost to list with us is R650+vat.  Our package includes a full page listing on the main applicable directory for your business, plus your listing will be linked to several other Integrated Marketing online directories under your specific town.

Your listing could appear on all the following sites as an example, but would however only be the sites applicable to your business:

•           www.eastern-cape-info.co.za – Province Site

•           www.south-africa-info.co.za - South Africa Main Site

•           www.accommodation-south-africa.net – SA Accommodation

•           www.sa-travel-info.co.za – SA Travel

•           www.kids-fun-sa.co.za – Kids Travel

•           www.conferencing-south-africa.co.za – SA Conferencing

•           www.south-africa-weddings.co.za – SA Weddings

•           www.hotels-sa.co.za – SA Hotels

•           www.sa-game-lodges.co.za – SA Game Lodges

•           www.activities-south-africa.co.za – Activities SA


A full web listing includes the following which can either be taken directly from your website, or the information can be emailed:

•           Contact information including direct email, website & social media links

•           Up to 25 photos + your logo

•           Direct link to your online booking system

•           Text content

•           A Google map + GPS co-ordinates


Contact us for more information: directories@integrated-marketing.co.za

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